There are many forms of advertising small businesses or groups can use to get their message out there. Each has its purpose and can be very effective. From Pay-Per-View ads that get live traffic as it’s happening, to boosted targeted posts on social media, marketing is an effective strategy to get new customers. 

However, one of the biggest downsides to these types of investments is the fact that they are one-off marketing strategies. You pay, you get the traffic, and maybe you get some more awareness or purchase. After this initial transaction, you no longer get any return on investment for your money.

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In comes the natural beauty of investing some of your marketing budgets into Custom Vinyl Stickers. Imagine the power of having a billboard that drives around every day, or a billboard stuck in a high traffic area that gets thousands of impressions each month. That’s powerful!

Sure, you could go with printed vinyl stickers and get them at discounted rates, but it’s important to know what you are buying. With Vinyl Stickers, you get a billboard that keeps it’s color and stays where you stuck it for years! Our business uses only the highest quality 6-year outdoor vinyl. This vinyl isn’t the cheap eBay vinyl, it’s the same vinyl that all professionals use to create quality banners, signs, and stickers.

High-quality vinyl might cost a little more upfront, but if you crunch the numbers, your cost per year compared to the possible return on investment is dramatically different. Your advertisement won’t degrade and fade within 6 months, and won’t get destroyed by damaging weather.

Another aspect we like to look at is the ever-popular giving customers a treat for using your business. We work with several businesses that offer their customers a $5 coupon for letting them place a single sticker on the back window of their car, and give those regular customers a $5 coupon with every visit if they keep the sticker there.

Another example of the effectiveness of Vinyl Stickers is our favorite group, Flash Love. They are an amazing group that focuses on helping their community, getting extremely large groups of youth together to do things like cleaning up the yards of the elderly. 

Flash Love has used us to promote their cause. We proudly made and applied their logos to the vehicles they use during their events. Not only do their huge numbers draw attention, their work vans draw even more attention when driving to and from events, further spreading awareness of their cause and bringing more donors on board.

Why Vinyl Stickers Are A Good Investment:

  • Longer Returns On Your Investment
  • Longer Lifespan Compared To Printed Stickers
  • More Impressions To A More Diverse Market
  • Turns Your Customers Into Billboards
  • A Cheap Swag Item To Give Your Customers

We could talk all day about why vinyl stickers make for great marketing opportunities, but hopefully, at this point, you get the idea. Vinyl Stickers are great for many other things too, like fundraising for a cause, remembering a loved one, or getting more users in your group. Whatever your objective is, vinyl stickers should be a decent part of your marketing diversity. It’s worked for us, It’s worked for our customers, and now it’s time to work for you!