Custom Hoodies

Custom hoodies have become a popular item for our customers. Many groups have ordered them along with their shirts, giving their wearers options when dressing for the weather.

Our custom hoodies are made with 100% cotton material providing the perfect combination of thickness and comfort. Your design is then put on the custom hoodies, leaving a long lasting image.

We also proudly provide a discounts for sports teams, schools, and non-profit orginizations. So ask about what kind of discounts are available when you contact us for a free qoute.

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Remember The Busta Hoodie

Custom Hoodies

Never Forgotten Always Remembered Hoodie
Gangsters Don't Dance They Birdie Hoodie
All The Girlies Say Hoodie

We train under extreme conditions and needed a hoodie that could hold the heat in, while taking lots of abuse. A student still has the first shirt we ordered from SykVinyls.

Scott. H.Pekiti Tirsia Trainer - Alamut Combative Arts

I have a group of buddies I play golf with every other weekend. I wanted to surprise them with a funny idea I had, so I put it on a custom hoodie and handed them out.

Kevin. P.Customer - Golfing Buddies


First and foremost, our goal is to provide the highest quality custom hoodies at a reasonable price. We work with local distributors to provide the quality you expect in an american made company.


While our custom hoodies might cost more than our competitors, they will never beat our price for the same quality product. We are looking to work with customers who value the effort put in to make a quality product.


We might not be able to make every single person 100% happy, we certainly try to every chance we get. As a family ran business, we appreciate every custom hoodie order we get. Have any problems with your order, drop us a line and lets get it fixed.