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We work with businesses and groups of all sizes. From small lots to full production and distribution, we can help. 

Are you an artist who travels? Do your employees need shirts? Let’s build a solution together!

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Getting Started:

Every person who comes to us has a different need. While they all need custom t-shirts, their orders vary in size and design.  This is important because there are many different methods that can be used to manufacture your products, and picking the right solution can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

We work with a lot of small busineses, small groups, and local musicians. So we understand the strugle between quality, quantity, and pricing. Everyone want’s the highest quality shirt, for the lowest price, and as many as they can afford. We specialize in small batch, repeat order business. But we have the capacity to handle large batch orders when needed.

Popular Apparel:

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Let’s Go!

Tell us about your product. The more we can learn about what needs you have, the better we can provide a solution. Are these for an event? How many do you expect to need? Do you already have a design? Will you need help with storage and drop shipping?

Once we know you expectations and needs, we can figure out the best way to get your merchandise made, for the best price, and with the highest quality.

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